Assoc. Prof. Ts. Panaiotova

Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry

Department of Physical Chemistry

Head: Assoc. Prof. Ts. Panaiotova


The objective of our group is a complete physicochemical study of important for the pharmacy, medicine and biotechnology model systems of lipid and protein nanostructures.


Research areas of interest

The main research interests of the group is the study of the state, electrical and rheological properties of biological model systems as monolayers, liposomal bilayers and suspensions. The group works in the fields of:

-        the interfacial and temporal organization of the lipolysis

-        mechanisms of degradation of the polyesters, lipids and proteins

-        mechanisms of formation and degradation of micro- and nanocapsules with potential applications in pharmacy

-        photochemical reactions at the interface

-        state, rheological and electrical properties of the biopolymer model monolayers from the plant kingdom

-        thin liquid film



The knowledge of the mechanisms of nanostructures destabilization and reorganization, as well as the obtained results of destabilization and degradation of lipids and proteins at the air-water interface give the opportunity to precise their application in the pharmacy and medicine.


List of permanent staff members



Academic qualification




1. Ivan Panaiotov PhD, D.Sc.  Prof.
2 Christian Vassilieff PhD, D.Sc  Prof.
3 Tzvetanka Ivanova PhD Assoc. Prof.
4 Konstantin Balashev PhD Assoc. Prof.
5 Nikolay Grozev PhD Assist.Prof.
6 Kristina Mircheva Assist. Prof.


Representative scientific publications

1.   I. Panaiotov, R. Verger – “Enzymatic reactions at the interface”, in Physical Chemistry   of Biological Interfaces, ed. by W. Norde and A. Baszkin, Marcel Dekker (2000), 359.


2. C.S. Vassilieff and Tz. IvanovaKinetics of liposomes disintegration at the ait/saline interface: Foam film studies and transient Langmuir tensiometry and potentiometry – Recent Res. Devel. Biophys. Chem., 2 (2001) 19


3. Tz. Ivanova, A. Malzert, F. Boury, J.E. Proust, R. Verger and I. Panaiotov – Enzymatic Hydrolysis by cutinase of PEG-co PLA copolymers spread  monolayers, Coll. and Surf. B: Biointerfaces, 32 (2003) 307.


4. Tz. Ivanova, I. Minkov, I. Panaiotov, P. Saulnier, J.E.Proust – Dilatational properties and  morphology of surface films spread from clinically used lung surfactants, Colloid Polym. Sci., 282 (2004) 1258.


5. I. Minkov, Tz. Ivanova, I. Panaiotov, J. Proust, P. Saulnier – Reorganisation of lipid nanocapsules at air-water interface: 1. Kinetics of surface film formation, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 45 (2005) 14.


6. K. Mircheva, I. Minkov, Tz. Ivanova, I. Panaiotov, J.E.Proust, R. Verger- Comparative study of lipolysis by PLA2 of DOPC substrates organized as monolayers, bilayer vesicles and nanocapsules, Colloids and Surfaces B:Biointerfaces, 67 (2008) 107.