Prof. Ivan Petkov

Organic photochemistry group

Head: Prof. Ivan Petkov


Research of the organic photochemistry group, related to optical functional materials is directed and developed mainly in three areas: optoelectronics, sensors and labeling. The group deals with the design and synthesis of new organic compounds and hybrid materials and studies their properties and the possibility of introducing some of them in the structure of smart systems.

The studied functional materials related to optoelectronics are compounds possessing electro- and photoluminescent properties. These are metal complexes of Al (III), Eu (III) and Ir (III) with various organic ligands. Such similar complexes are under intense study in recent years as the electroluminescent properties determine the possibility of their use as emitting layer in organic light emitting devices.

We synthesize and study various organic compounds and hybrid complexes which express their sensor functionality on the basis of changing any of their photophysical properties, such as intensity and / or energy of the absorption and / or emission of light or change the rate of decay of the emission impact of change in the environment of the sensor molecule. This change in environment may be reflected in changes in pressure, pH, temperature, concentration of active ingredient and so on. As an example of system with sensor functionality is the complex – organic dye / cyclodextrin, where the interaction is based on host-guest principle can be influenced by various factors. These factors alter the relationship between the two parts of the complex, which demonstrates sensor effect. Such kinds of systems are under intense study at present and will be subject to examination by the members of the group in the future.

Different spiropiranes and spiroxazolines are studded and used as label for various trade products and documents. In environment of unfair competition labeling is forced by both security and safety reasons. Security labeling proves the original descent of the trade marks and documents. Safety labeling proves appropriate condition for holding of the food, for example frozen food.