Assoc. Prof. Maria Milanova

The Group of Chemistry of rare and rare earth elements (Prof. D. Todorovsky, Assoc Prof. M. Milanova) is working mainly on the synthesis and characterization of rare earth complexes and their application (as well as of complexes of rare elements) in production of materials for advanced technologies. One of the research fields of the group is the chemistry of the processes involved in the polymetal oxides production by the polymerized complex method, where the mechanism of the complexation and thermochemical processes are elucidated thus helping in the prognosis of the method potential and its optimal control. Investigations on the ability of the method for production of tungstanates for transparent ceramics and compounds with magnetite structure with potential catalytic properties are in progress. The group also works on deposition of thin films of mono- and polymetal lanthanide-containing oxides or of coatings of TiO2 and gold- on lanthanide-doped TiO2 [[1]]. Factors determining photocatalytic activity of the layers for the degradation of different pollutants in water (dyes, phenol, oxalic acid) under the UV irradiation are established and the deposition procedure is optimized from this point of view. Investigations on pesticide degradation by the modified titania under the sun light excitation are in progress and such on estrogens will be started in the very near future. The group developed and tested oxygen sensing features of Ru(II)-tris(4,7-diphenil-1,10-phenantroline) immobilized in SiO2-based matrix based on fluorescence properties of the complex [[2]].

[1] Iliev, V., D. Tomova, R. Todorovska, D. Oliver, L. Petrov, D. Todorovsky, M. Uzunova-Bujnova. Photocatalytic properties of TiO2 modified with gold nanoparticles in the degradation of oxalic acid in aqueous solution. Appl. Catalysis A 313 (2006) 115-121.

[2] Anastasova, S., M. Milanova, E. Kashchieva, H. Funakubo , T. Kamo, N. Grozev, P. Stefanov, D.Todorovsky. Morphology of sol-gel produced composite films for optical oxygen sensors. Appl. Surf. Sci. 254 (2008) 1545-1558.