MC meetings

The 1st MC meeting was held on 4-5 October, 2011, immediately after the start of the project on the 1st of October, 2011. The main topics, discussed during the meeting were the organization of the project kick-off meeting, the website, the start of the project main activities such as the purchase of the equipment, the first conference and workshop announcement, announcement of the vacant positions, etc.

The 2nd MC meeting was held on 25th of October and there the discussions were focused on the preparatory and organizational work for the kick-off meeting.

The 3rd MC meeting was held on 18th of November, 2011, soon after the kick-off meeting of the project. Here, the main conclusions after the kick-off meeting were discussed and a plan of the project activities for the first year was approved.

The main topics discussed at the 4th MC meeting (held on 04.01.2012) were the preparation of the Workshop “Materials with medical and pharmaceutical applications” and the Conference “Advanced Functional Materials”; the short and long term recruitments; the start of  the incoming and outcoming reserahcers’ mobility and the summary of the requirements that the Faculty scientists posed for the to-be-acquired equipment.

The 5th MC meeting was held on 17.02.2012. The meeting started with discussion on the received applications for the recruitments as well for the tenure tracks and the most promising candidates were  outlined. The organization of the Workshop and the Conference was presented in a detailed way. Some more day-to-day management activities were discussed.

The 6th MC meeting was held on 20.03.2012. The meeting started with introduction and interview with Dr. Peter Georgiev, candidate for one of the tenure track positions. His application was successful and he will start working for the project since 01.04.2012. Then the information on the web homepage of the project was discussed. Also, three more applications for short-term recruitment of scientists coming from abroad to the Faculty were approved. The current status of the procedure with the selection of the equipment was discussed.

The 7th MC meeting was held on 17.05.2012. The main topics that have been discussed were the recruitments for short periods of incoming scientists, the new equipment acquisition and the start of the outgoing visits of scientists from the Faculty to the partnering organizations.

The 8th MC meeting was held on 19.06.2012. The main topic of the meeting was the organization of the Conference “Advanced Functional Materials” within the project “BeyondEverest”.  Other topics were the start of the procedures for the new equipment acquisition and the outgoing visits of scientists from the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Sofia to partnering organizations. Some forthcoming short visits to the Faculty were approved.

The 9th MC meeting was held on 17.07.2012.  Details about the  organization of the Conference “Advanced Functional Materials” were mainly discussed.  Also, some day-to-day management activities were on the schedule.

The 10th MC meeting will be held on 30.08.2012. The main topics will be the organization of the Conference “Advanced Functional Materials” as well of the Steering Committee Meeting after the end of the Conference.