Steering Committee meetings

1st SC Meeting, 14-15.11.2011, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Steering Committee (SC) of the project “BeyondEverest” was established on 14.11.2011 during the kick-off meeting of the project. For a chair of SC was elected Prof. Tony Spassov, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Coordinator of the Project. Prof. G. Vayssilov was elected as Vice-chair. The other members of SC were the representatives of the partnering institutions, the MC members, representatives of the local authorities and industry. The main responsibilities of SC were outlined and discussion about the planned activities of SC was carried out. All SC members agreed that the SC compositions will vary throughout the project implementation for the best benefits to the project.

The next SC meeting will be held in September, 2012 during the first conference organized within the project “BeyondEverest”.