Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the project Beyond Everest” was held on 14-15.11.2011 at the Faculty of Chemistry,UniversityofSofia,Sofia,Bulgaria.

The participants in the kick-off meeting (14th – 15th November) were as follows:

Members of the management committee:

Prof. Tony Spassov
Prof. Georgy Vayssilov
Prof. Nikolay Denkov
Prof. Roumen Tsekov
Assoc. Prof. Elena Vassileva
Assoc. Prof Rossitsa Nikolova

Representatives of the partnering organizations:

Prof. Notker Rösch –TechnicalUniversityMunich, Catalysis Research Centre
Prof. Jeffrey Penfold –UniversityofOxford, Department of Chemistry
Prof. Bob Thomas –UniversityofOxford, Department of Chemistry
Dr. Kaloian Koynov – Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research,Mainz
Dr. Alberto Castellero –UniversityofTurin, Centre of Excellence “Nanostructured Interfaces and Surfaces”

European Commission representative:

Dr. Salvatore La Rosa – Project Officer

Sofia University representative:

Prof. Ivan Ilchev – Rector ofSofiaUniversity

Representatives of the authorities:

P. Popov – Ministry of Education, Youth andScience,Bulgaria
E. Komatichev – Ministry of Economy, Energy andTourism,Bulgaria
P. Traykov –SofiaMunicipality,Bulgaria

Representatives of Bulgarian companies:

Dr. A. Nakov -Biovet Peshtera,Bulgaria
Dr. V. Stavrov – AMG Technology,Botevgrad,Bulgaria

Group leaders from the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Sofia:

Prof. Christiyan Vassilieff
Prof. Elena Stanoeva
Prof. Krasimir Danov
Prof. Mariana Mitewa
Prof. Petar Kralchevski
Prof. Sonya Ilieva
Assoc. Prof. Maria Milanova
Assoc. Prof. Stoyan Gutsov

Other representatives of the Faculty of Chemistry at Sofia University:

Prof. Alia Tadjer
Prof. Borislav Galabov
Prof. Peter Kralchevski
Assoc. Prof. Ivaila Pancheva-Kadreva
Assoc. Prof. Konstantin Balashev
Assoc. Prof. Lachezar Hristov
Assoc. Prof. Slavka Cholakova

During the kick-off meeting, discussions about the project implementation and the activities to be performed during the 1st year of the project took place. The representatives of the partnering organizations presented their institutions and shared their experience and know how related to the project activities. The Project Officer Dr. La Rosa talked about the opportunities that the project gives rise to the Faculty of Chemistry,University ofSofia and commented on the implementation of some of the project activities. The WP Leaders presented the activities to be performed during the first half of the project and discussions about their implementation took place.

There were also short presentations about the four priority areas in the field of advanced functional material currently developed in the Faculty of Chemistry followed by short discussions with the representatives of the partnering organizations.

The main conclusions drawn as a result of all discussions during the kick-off meeting were summarized in the meeting’s minute which was made available also to all partners.