WorkPackages and WorkPackage Leaders

WP 1. Project management:
WP 1 aims at providing smooth and precise implementation of the work plan, coordination of the different activities, communication with the European Commission and the partnering organizations, administrative and financial work on the project, preparation of the reports, etc.
WP 1 Leader: Prof. D.Sc. Tony Spassov, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Sofia

WP 2.  Exchange of know-how and experience
WP 2 is devoted to acquiring by the Faculty staff of cutting edge scientific knowledge, developed and explored by the partnering organizations, which are leading institutions at world level in the advanced functional materials synthesis and applications.
WP 2 Leader: Prof. D.Sc. Nikolai Denkov

WP 3. Recruitment of experienced researchers
WP 3 is related to recruitment of 5 experienced researchers in the Faculty. Three of the positions will be connected with the new NMR, TEM, and catalysis equipment purchased within the project. The experienced researcher for the other two positions will be selected to complement the existing expertise in the Faculty in the area of advanced functional materials and pharmacy.
WP 3 Leader: Prof. Dr. Roumen Tsekov

WP 4. Upgrading and acquisition of research equipment
WP 4 is devoted to the upgrade and acquisition of new equipment that will complement the existing one as well the research capacity of the Faculty.
WP 4 Leader:  Prof. D.Sc. Georgi Vayssilov

WP 5: Organisation of events
WP 5 combines the organization of scientific events and many and different dissemination activities.
WP 5 Leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rositca Nikolova

WP 6: Evaluation of the research potential
WP 6 focuses on the evaluation procedure of the research quality and capability of the Faculty by independent experts nominated by the Commission after completion of the project.
WP 6 Leader: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elena Vassileva