Fаculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Sofia, Bulgaria

General information

The Faculty of Chemistry, University of Sofia is one of the most important chemical research institutions in Bulgaria, national leader in chemical education and research. The Faculty of Chemistry is a unique research unit in the country that covers essentially all fields of modern chemistry from physical, computational, colloid and analytical chemistry to organic synthesis and materials science. According to ISI Web of Science, for the last 5 years the papers from the Faculty are 787 in Chemistry and 165 in related fields of Engineering with more than 5600 citations in total. The strongest contributions of the Faculty are in the field of preparation and characterisation of advanced materials and nanomaterials. Most of the Faculty’s research activities are carried out in cooperation with other research groups in Bulgaria and abroad under national and international projects and joint research centres.
In addition to the research activities, the Faculty educates about 800 students at bachelor, master and Ph.D. level, which provides an excellent opportunity to attract, select, train, and hire talented young people in the fields of material science, nanosciences and the emerging technologies in materials chemistry.

Since February, 2012 the Faculty of Chemistry changed officially its name to Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy because since this year the Faculty will start to educate also students in pharmacy.

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