Project “Beyond Everest”

Coordination and support action


“Development of the research potential of the Faculty of Chemistry, Sofia University, in the area of advanced functional materials for successful participation in world-class research at EU level”

The project “Beyond Everest” aims to focus the research potential of the Faculty of Chemistry in Sofia University for performing world-class research in the area of Advanced Functional Materials. The Faculty is a leading research centre in this area in Bulgaria as acknowledgedrecently by the Bulgarian National ranking of Universities – the Chemistry in Sofia University received the highest rank among all research fields in all Bulgarian universities. The Faculty of Chemistry is also recognized at regional and European level for its contributions in the design and characterization of materials with desired chemical, catalytic, biological and optical properties. The high research level in the Faculty was recently highly estimated by 5 independent European evaluators, in the frame of FP7 project “EVEREST”. These evaluators have outlined Advanced Materials as the area with the highest potential to be developed by the Faculty to world-class level. Thus the current project aims at boosting the Faculty excellence and creativity and building up a unique Research and Educational Centre on Advanced Functional Materials. This aim will be attained by close cooperation with 5 leading European research centers as partnering organizations – Technical University Munich (Germany), Oxford University (United Kingdom), Max Plank Institute for Polymer Research (Germany), University of Turin (Italy), l’École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles (ESPCI), Paris (France). The project will allow for extending the research infrastructure of the Faculty, transfer of know-how and experience from the partnering organizations as well of the research expertise of the Faculty through recruitments and intensive mobility. Thus, the project will be a milestone for world-wide recognition of the Faculty research and for increasing the visibility of the Faculty’s research in society and industry.